Get 1000 subscribers in 8 weeks with this 8-Part Crash Course in YouTube with Owen Video.  
This Course is Designed for Business Owners

Lesson 01: Introduction to YouTube Crash Course

Owen will be going over what to expect in thru this course series and the results from your efforts. 

Lesson 02: Channel Set Up + Your First 3 Videos

The different groups of YouTube marketers, which category do you fall into? How to excel in the business side of YouTube. Think of your objectives to begin the process of accomplishing business objective on YouTube. Plus prompts for the first 3 videos every business owner should make. 

Lesson 03: Q&A + Your Next 8 Videos

 This is  a chance to learn, get answers to your possible questions, and hear some questions that you may not have thought of yet.

Lesson 04: Marketing Partners, Notes, and Titles

How to use a teleprompter/notes without sounding like a speech? How to edit titles. What should they look like? And the steps to developing a list of marketing partners to grow your outreach. 

Lesson 05: Storyboarding for Advanced Production

For most beginners this is a task that is skipped, but this process helps you to shoot the video that you edit. It also helps your write the video that you shoot. The story board is used to keep the vision consistent.

Lessons 06-08: Blogger Outreach (3 Steps) 

Getting a qualified audience of subscribers and viewers who are more likely to buy from you and provide you the revenue which grows your business.

Lesson 09: Thumbnails and Examples

Thumbnails are the  visual representation of your video. This along with your title are going to be the two biggest assets in winning the click! Learn best practices here! 
"Companies that use videos in their marketing grow revenue 49% faster YoY"
-Abergdeen Group
Our Clients LOVE Owen's Techniques...
Owen, thank you! This course has been everything I had expected and more giving me the confidence to maximize the benefits of video.

-Scott M, Insurance 
I am a huge fan of the strategy he shares about cross-platform utilization of video. I highly recommend Owen. 

Leland R, Social Media

 Owen really understands business owners and what they need to do to get to the next level. I love his simple laid out formula. 

-Steven D, Sales  
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