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Why You Need To Leverage YouTube Now for Your Business or Brand
From the desk of Owen Video

You may know that video is important,  but if you are going to produce video content and not use YouTube as a platform, you are missing out on the 2nd Biggest Search Engine next to Google and the one platform that Google gives first page priority to for internet searches. 

I hear this dilemma all the time even for people who know they need video...

If you are don't build your authority in your industry and niche with video on YouTube, you can slowly say goodbye to future leads, because your competition who is using video will be getting them. 

The culture is changing and video is the #1 form of content people want across ALL age groups. Even half the population of consumers age 75 and over use YouTube. That is the biggest percentage over any single platform or resource! 

The problem is, most entrepreneurs fear YouTube because they think they have to be an expert video editor or have to swim in pools of Jello to get views, but that is far from the truth! 

I have made over 1000 videos for the web, most for businesses and brands and the fact is--most people want to learn first before they buy and they dont' have time to pull out their reading glasses.

 I've helped hundreds of small and large businesses and brands leverage YouTube because it works! Look at me even, I'm no YouTube famous guy and yet I've generated enough revenue through video marketing on YouTube to have a thriving 6-figure business with goals to reach 7 figures in the next two years. 

My clients have seen for themselves that if a consumer searches a topic or question related to their industry and they have video content related to that, their video will show up in Google so they can learn from them. 

And so can you. 

Add calls to action that lead them to visit one of your landing pages and not only do you have their attention for the future, you can also have their business.  

But what about time? Who has time to produce and manage a YouTube channel? 

I'm all systems and processes because I know that time is precious. 

You can launch a powerful channel on YouTube for your business or brand in less than 2 hours a week using my video tactics I share in Launch Plan from The Video Marketing School and you don't have to be a video expert. In fact, I structure and teach this course, assuming you are a beginner to intermediate in video. 

The time is now! The stats for 2019 say that 85% of content is consumed in video form. 2020 will no doubt be 20/20 in it's keen focus on video content for consumers. Learn this now before your competition does! 
Get Owen's 5 Step Process for Launching a Channel
Strategy for Getting Views and Subscribers
How to Plan Your First 6 Months of Content on YouTube Easily
Which Videos to Create First for High Priority Content
Do all of this and maintain your channel in Just 2 Hours Per Week! 
This 4-Lesson Mini-Course Will Fast Track Your Success in Planning Your Channel Launch 
From the Foundational Module #1 of our YouTube Launch Series in The Video Marketing School 
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  • ​Lesson 1: YouTube Launch Strategy 
  • ​Lesson 2: YouTube Channel Setup
  • ​Lesson 3: Your Programming Strategy
  • ​Lesson 4: Tag Research for Titles
Plus These Bonuses!
  • Video Title Spreadsheets ($89 value)
  • Channel Art Templates ($98 value) 
  • 50 Video Topic Ideas List ($20 value)
  • Advances Script Template ($165 value)
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About Owen Video
Once a broke videographer trying to get leads and clients going door-to-door of businesses, he eventually became his first video marketing client when he started learning digital marketing and sharing his knowledge on YouTube. The views and subscribes started growing and people were reaching out to him asking how they could work with him.  Now he teaches other service-based businesses, brands, and creators how they can build leverage video including YouTube and Facebook Live to reach their dreams and monetize their efforts. Find him speaking at conferences around the world and published on sources like Social Media Examiner. He helps entrepreneurs and creators of all needs with DIY courses, Mentorships and Intensives, as well as Done-for-You Production services. 
Business Owners are Getting Results
Owen's strategies have helped me turn my small real estate firm into the top 3 firms in my area! 

-Ryan R, Real Estate 

My channel is the best looking and most informative channel in my industry. And within the first year of launching it, I was offered a 200k contract with a client!

Jared L, Insurance
I grew my channel to 1000 subscribers in just the first 8 weeks of using the strategies from YouTube Launch Plan. 

-Jenn H, Sales
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