Create Shareable Square Videos for Social Media and the Web!
Owen at Videospot teaches the step-by-step process for converting widescreen video into square videos using only your mobile phone. 
Make Square Videos on Your Phone in Less Than 7 Minutes 

Lesson 01: Workflows 

You'll set up the template in your mobile phone to make square video production easy. We'll show you how to create simple folders and where to find free images and colors that will make your square videos even more dynamic and engaging. 

Lesson 02: Production & Editing

You'll actually start creating the square video on your mobile device. Whether you film the video from your camera or import a video from the cloud, you'll convert your video into a square and add your text above and below. 

Lesson 03: Effects Optimization

You'll discover the amazing secrets to adding digital overlays like sparkles, embers, shines, and more. Plus you'll get access to free background music, sound effects, and digital effects that will make your square videos the best in the business!

Examples: Make Square Videos Like These

Create engaging headlines, add captions, take any video you've ever made and turn it into a square video meme for posting on social media! 
"Square Videos Get 22% More Shares on 
Social Media than Landscape Videos." 
Our Clients LOVE Square Video Memes...
Great tool from when I'm out in the field and take video with my phone. Now I can easily make a quick video meme that looks professional and get it out the day I film if I want. 

-Carlos, Digital Marketer
Owen's course on 'Square Video Memes' is a quick and easy way to get started making professional-style memes for Instagram and Facebook!

-Todd, Live Streamer

 I think this is a great education for making square video memes on your phone. I got a good feel of the process, using clips, editing and exporting. Owen's energy and how he communicates kept me engaged.   

Gord, Consultant
Create Shareable Square Videos for Social Media and the Web!
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