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Get Instant Access to 106+ On-Demand Training Videos with Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Build a Professional YouTube Channel  
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A YouTube Marketing Course 
Designed to Sell Your Services
"My first YouTube video got over 10,000 views and my newest videos have even more! *
Paul Howes, 
Computer Repair
You'll learn the Step-by-Step Strategy for Creating Videos That Make Sales
  • Module #1 - YouTube Marketing Strategy: You'll see how to streamline videos for ongoing production that generates leads.
  • Module #2 - Video Production: You'll see how to streamline videos for ongoing production that generates leads.  
  • Module #3 - Video Editing: Learn how to edit your videos quickly according to a template or outsource to an editor
  • Module #4 - Uploading and Optimizing: Learn how to properly title, tag, and thumbnail your video so that the right people see them! 
  • Module #5 - Launch Your Channel: How to launch or re-launch your channel to get views, subscribers, and new sales!
Each Module Consists of 4 - 6 Pre Recorded Training Videos 
You Can Access All These Training Videos Instantly When You Click Below and get Unlimited Access to 11 More Modules on other Video Marketing Topics! That's over 106 lessons!

After 14-Day-Trial, Enjoy Lifetime Membership for 6 Monthly Payments of $97
Unlimited Access to 9 More Modules with More to Come! 
  • Module 6: Getting More Clicks
  • Module 7: Interviews & Collaborations
  •  Module 8: Facebook Ads
  •  Module 9: YouTube Analytics
  •  Module 10: Email Sequences
  •  Module 11: YouTube Ads
  • Module 12: Video Webinars
  •  Module 13: Website Design & Conversion
  •  Module 14: Facebook Live 
  •  Modules 15: Square Video Memes! 
  •  Module 16: Chatbots
Each Modules has 3-6 video-based lessons that take you through the skill step-by-step! 
Real Results from Actual Members...

Don Reedy, Realtor

"My landing page traffic has doubled from my YouTube videos; I've hosted webinars, live videos on Facebook and stuff I never thought I would do. The whole nature of my business has changed because of this course and you need to enroll now."

Deric Terrell, USSD Oceanside Karate

"I used YouTube to generate 1,000 organic views in just 48 hours and closed two new sales from the video that week! That's almost $5,000 in new revenue from one video"
What You'll Get with
BizTube Academy:
#1. On-Demand Video Trainings
See the step-by-step process for launching a video marketing campaign on YouTube, Facebook, and more! 

 Each session is taught by Owen Video and features an in-depth subject matter tutorial with screen sharing and question/answer session. 
#2. Email, Script, & Website Templates
My library of PDF Guides, Blueprints, and Cheat-Sheets.

You'll always know what to say when you start with my proven templates, spreadsheets, and blueprints. These proven PDF Worksheets will save you massive amounts of time and ensure that you maximize your results.
#3. Members-Only Facebook Forum
Ask questions, post links, and engage with the private online community. 

Engage with other Members, client, and guests in a private online forum. Share your videos, get feedback, learn from alumni, and create partnerships that turn into revenue. I personally engage in the group and you will have access to me through this group whenever I'm online.
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You'll receive 100% FREE access to the Video Branding Power Pack complete with graphics, animations, and digital elements that you can add to your videos to make them look more professional and more powerful!
After 14-Day-Trial, Enjoy Lifetime Membership for 6 Monthly Payments of $97
Meet Owen Video: Founder of the Academy
I'm a YouTube Influencer, Live Streamer & video consultant with over 40,000 subscribers. I'm a recognized leader in video marketing.

The Academy is where I teach our Members my best tactics for making money with video. 

I  grew my business 107% while beating cancer so there are no excuses. If I can do it on chemo you can do it! 

-Owen Video (that's me)
Take a look at how Jenny ROCKED this course
Started from scratch >
When she started, Jen had multiple channels that were set up wrong and ZERO viewers & subscribers
Launched a Channel >
Following my templates, she created and optimized a video library with searchable titles.
Collaboration > 
We partnered with an associate who agreed to email her flagship video in his email newsletter
That's when things started to happen!
 She earned THOUSANDS of views on her videos totaling THOUSANDS MORE minutes of watch time.
And it didn't stop there! 
The momentum continued to get more views, more subscribers, and even started earning revenue! 
1,000 subscribers in first 90 days!
You can have the same success when you learn the step-by-step strategies in this elite training program. 
BizTube Academy Monthly Membership
Then 6 Monthly Payments of $97 for Lifetime Access. Cancel anytime. 
  • 106 On Demand Training Videos
  • Templates, Spreadsheets, Blueprints
  • Private Facebook Forum
  •  + BONUS Video Assets!
After 14-Day-Trial, Enjoy Lifetime Membership for 6 Monthly Payments of $97
100% Quality Training

There is nothing more precious than your time and investing time in your marketing can be scary. As a business owner myself, I get it. That's why we give you a full 30 days to test drive the course and put it into action.

I'm confident that you'll get the results you're looking for with BizTube Academy but if within 30 days you have given it a committed effort, just send me an email letting me know where you're struggling along with screenshots of your progress and we'll issue you a full refund. 
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