Introduction to Funnel Design 
Owen at Videospot teaches how to develop your website, what elements to include, and how to build your first income-generating funnel. 
Learn Best Practices for Designing Your Website to Build Your Biz

Lesson 01: Intro to Web Design  

 General website design best practices including how to develop your website conceptually, what elements to include on your homepage, how to structure a video blog post, and other similar topics 

Lesson 02: Website vs Landing Page

You'll also come to understand the difference between your site and a funnel. Your website is your main Hub of information but your funnel or landing page system is where you're actually converting traffic. The reason we use a separate system is because your website simply can't do it all.

Lesson 03: Build Appointment Setting Funnel 

Set up a very simple appointment setting funnel using Click Funnels and Vcita calendar scheduling. You can use any calendar scheduling program and they are all going to have different features. 
"48% of people mentioned a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business"
-SAG ipi